Thank you so much for taking such beautiful priceless pictures.
Seek The Light Photography
I Love that Mom... Thank you :)
Wanted a peaceful moment I came here to enjoy your God given talent ...
I would like to collage my walls and ceilings with your work ...than I would be surrounded with love. Love you
Sergio J Marrero(non-registered)
Amazing!!! I wish we could sit and talk about the story behind every image you have captured! We will definitely talk about some when I call you! Keep up the great work! I wish you much success!!! God bless you!
Barbara A. Mellor(non-registered)
Hi Cheryl-
I'm your Mom's friend, Barbara.
All I can say is WOW!!!
How expansive to our brains to see these moments captured ...the simplicity is genius.
Best wishes to you and kudos,
Aunt Bobbi(non-registered)
Cheryl this is so beautiful and it really shows who you are. a child of the light and of the peace I am so very very proud of you and what you have done with your life. Know you are always in my thoughts and in my heart I love you little girl God bless and take care.
My heart is so full...You truly are what you create .....
I find, as I grow older, the need to see my children at peace with their life and still having faith and trust that his will be done...Seeking and finding The Light.
Always Love and prayers.
oonimofoto grafy(non-registered)
Wonderful work!!!! You transform each frame into a work of art. Truly inspiring work.......I am still holding my breath!!!!
John Hawley(non-registered)
Hey Cheryl, I shoot stage photography for Muscular Development magazine website and am interested in shooting the Tampa Bay Classic strictly for low resolution display of the athletes. John, the promoter said ask you. What are your thoughts? Regards, John Hawley
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